Thousands witness UFOs

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The Scottish town of Bonnybridge has recently been attracting media attention from as far away as Japan and the USA, as its residents regularly report sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects.

Three years ago Billy Buchanan listened as his distraught friend George Wilson described how he had seen what he believed was a flying saucer.

Buchanan explains: "He told me he had been working late in Falkirk, and had come back using the back roads. He said he had seen something, a UFO, hovering above the road, and had watched it for 10 minutes, and then it had shot off. I didn't know what to think, but, to make him feel better, I suggested putting a note in the local paper, to see if anyone else had seen anything unusual."

The response was astonishing. Two thousand townspeople reported similar experiences to the newspaper -- out of a total of 5,500 local inhabitants. Most people described the shape of the vehicles as flying saucers, whilst others had seen a cigar, a toblerone and a dunce's-hatshaped object.

Everyone had mentioned the blindingly bright lights -- mainly white, but also red, orange and green. Two years ago local residents Mr and Mrs Procek were driving on a dark, clear night when they witnessed such a happening.

Mrs Procek recalled: "I was driving under the viaduct, and I saw the lights to the right. It was an eliptical shape, with bright lights around the edge. We have a big sun roof -- and we opened it up. We went under the viaduct, and there was an identical craft on the other side. They were absolutely silent. From underneath they were triangular.

"I have never given UFOs any thought. We get planes from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cumbernauld airports over here sometimes. I know what helicopters are like. I've seen meteors and satellites and this was nothing like that. I'm not a liar or imagining things. We are levelheaded, educated, and we don't jump to conclusions. We can only say what we saw."

Another local couple, Mr and Mrs Bestall, have on three occasions watched a Catherine-wheel-like craft above Bonnybridge. Mr Bestall, 73, says: "I was never interested in outer space, but it was amazing. It moved at some speed. We spend a lot of time looking out for it now".

Mr Wilson, 26, was driving home with three friends after a Christmas party when he became aware of something hovering above his car. He accelerated to 90 mph in an effort to shake it off, but it darted from side to side, then shot off. He mistakenly took the wrong turning on the road and found the craft hovering above.

Mr Wilson sped off in his car and the cigar-shaped object appeared again in front of them. Fascinated by his experience, he now spends time with a group of friends looking out for UFOs in the Scottish skies.

Malcolm Robinson, 38, used to be a UFO sceptic but now investigates this local phenomenon and checks each sighting with the regional airports, meteorological office and the Ministry of Defence.

He has discovered 'rational' explanations for up to 90 per cent of the sightings, but believes that the number of unexplainable sightings in the Bonnybridge area in the last three years numbers at least 250.

People in the community are baffled and angry at the lack of serious investigation. Local MP Dennis Caravan has appealed for a public inquiry, but Prime Minister John Major has turned it down. The Ministry of Defence says there is nothing to investigate.

(Source: The Guardian, UK)

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