Three crosses of light manifest in New Zealand

by Shirley Nairn

aus: Share International, August/September 1994

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Crosses of light have appeared in New Zealand and were the subject of a prime time news story on national television. The story was broadcast with the following introduction:

"Spiritual phenomena or simple physics? That is the question dozens of Aucklanders are asking each day as they line up to witness a white cross which appeared on a window of a suburban house."

Shirley Nairn interviewed Jenny Macdonald, who has the cross of light in her living room window in Auckland.

Shirley Nairn: Jenny, can you tell us when you first discovered the crosses of light in Auckland?

Jenny Macdonald: I first heard of them when Benjamin Creme was on a lecture tour here in February of this year. He told us there were crosses of light in the windows of the house in which he was staying, but that they hadn't been energized by Maitreya, and he didn't know if they were going to be energized.

After Mr Creme left the country, Bob, my husband, and I, went to check the windows of the house where he had stayed to see if there were any crosses of light there. We didn't see any.

SN: I believe you had arranged for Mr Creme to stay at a friend's house as the owners were away on holiday?

JM: That's right. Shortly after that, when the owners returned, Bob and I took them a copy of Frances Robinson's "Crosses of Light" video. We explained something of what might happen, and that they may see a cross appear on one of their windows.

SN: Did they know at that time of the phenomena of crosses of light appearing throughout the world?

JM: No, they didn't. We didn't realize then how orthodox they were in their thinking. Bob was over at their house on 16 March doing some painting, as the owners had gone away again. At eight o'clock in the morning, the sun glinted on a window, and he saw a magnificant cross. It was very strange.

Even though Bob and I had read about crosses of light, and had seen them on the video tape, and I had also seen one myself when I was overseas, we still had to return the next day to make sure it was actually still there. Some time later, when the occupants returned, the lady of the household came to visit me, and I asked her if she had found any crosses of light yet.

She said: "No, there is nothing there." I phoned in the evening and asked if we could come and visit, which we did. We took a torch (flashlight) with us and showed them the crosses of light.

SN: You said "crosses of light." Plural. Was there more than one cross on the window?

JM: Yes. There were three crosses of light. There were three windows across the side of the house with three separate panes of glass, and each pane had a cross of light on it.

SN: I believe that the owners of the house, an elderly couple, were initially upset about the crosses, and didn't want any publicity which might ensue?

JM: That's right. We became aware that the lady was very upset, and we tried to calm her and show that it was a very positive thing. We suggested to her that if there were any problems with the crosses, we would be quite happy to pay for the panes of glass to be removed, and to replace them with a similar type of glass.

SN: What did you do then?

JM: Nothing at that point. But on the 21April, the gentleman of the house arrived at our place with one pane of glass with a cross on it. The rest of the glass had been sent to the Physics Department, University of Auckland. One pane had unfortunately been broken.

SN: How did you get the story on national television news?

JM: The day after the glass had been delivered to us, Bob designed a frame and carrying case for the glass. Megan, a member of our Transmission Meditation group, Bob, and I spent the Easter weekend getting it set up.

We then took the carrying case to all the radio and television stations in Auckland. The Paul Holmes Show on TV1 sent a reporter to view the cross. He was quite astounded, but did not do anything about it.

SN: You were displaying the cross of light in your home in the meantime, and telling people about it?

JM: Every night, we put it in a bay window which faces out to the street, so passersby could see it. We advertised its presence, and sent out a booklet with a laser copy of a photograph of the cross. We made posters, arranged for all Transmission groups in New Zealand to have a booklet and photo, and make it known that the cross could be seen every night from 6 to 10 pm in the front window.

A local lady suggested we contact a certain reporter, Scott Mathias. He interviewed Bob and me, and then came in the evening to film the cross in its setting in the front window. He also spoke with people who were at the house looking at the cross. On 18 May, TV3, a national station, broadcast the crosses of light story on its 6 pm network news.

SN: During the programme, you were interviewed, and were quoted as saying: "I think it is very special, and I think it is given to us for a purpose. That purpose stems from (Benjamin) Creme's teachings that a figure known as Maitreya is the World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius. Major religions also call him the Christ, the Messiah, the Imam Mahdi, Krishna, and the Buddha."

JM: I would add that Bob spoke to the reporter for quite a while, and showed him the carrying case. Dorothy was also on the news story, and, when asked how she felt about the cross of light, said: "I have this very good feeling and I think there is quite a lot of energy there."

SN: Part of the programme was taken up with the interview with Dr Tom Barnes, lecturer in Image Processing and Optics, Physics Department, Auckland University, who ran tests on the glass given to the department. He is quoted as saying:

"The phenomena that you see on this glass is actually just a beautiful illustration of the principles of first year physics. When light passes through the glass, the edges of the dimples actually bend it through refraction, and it runs predominantly up and down and through the sides, so you see light which is travelling in mainly four directions. The light forms the arms of the cross. It is as simple as that."

You were not able to give Dr Barnes another piece of the same type of glass from the same source, which didn't have a cross on it?

JM: No. We looked all over Auckland for another piece of glass. We went to the tip to find bits from the broken window. We went to demolition yards and actually tried every avenue we could think of, but couldn't find the same glass anywhere.

SN: Could you tell us about any positive results stemming from the television news story?

JM: The cross has motivated us to continue quite strongly with the Reappearance work. When one is working quite intensely, all sorts of things happen. For instance, the local group here has swelled in number. People just seem to walk in through the door. The cross seems to have a certain magnetism. Members of our Transmission Meditation group have mentioned that the meditation is more potent with the cross in the house.

In addition, I was interviewed live on a television programme from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, on 28 May. The reporter was quite open-minded about the news and the effort of getting the message across about Maitreya being in the world.

Just recently, we have been approached to speak at a Maori Marae (meeting house), and also have been invited to go to a Spiritualist Church. We plan to go as a group to these two places, and take the cross of light with us.

For further information, contact: Bob and Jenny Macdonald, 32 Hollywood Avenue, Auckland 3, New Zealand

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